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Prayer items:                                                                            St. John’s, Tupton Rev Marcia Bown

Please pray for Syria and it’s people                                                   WELCOME

For the tensions between Britain & Russia                                                               18 MARCH 2018

Pray for a change of policy on the gun law in America                                                     HOLY COMMUNION

For our own responsibility towards climate change and that of all governments.                    Please take the opportunity before the service to be still before God.
                                                                                               To pray for those taking part in the service and for those sitting near you.
Please pray for , Rev Lynn Hayler as she prepares to take up her ministry at Pilsley
Please pray for Caroline and all those who are preparing to be confirmed on Palm                                          23 March 2018
Sunday.                                                                                                                   LIGHTHOUSE

Ladies group, Snowdrops, Jumping Jack’s Pop-in, Historical Society, Film Club.        EASTER HOLY WEEK SERVICES

Please pray for;                                                                                  NEXT SUNDAY at St Mary’s 6 pm
                                                                                                  Caroline is being confirmed
Melanie, Stella, Colin, Beverly, Louisa’s daughter, Pat, Caroline’s Mum, Hannah,
                                                                                      Monday: Reflection St John’s 7pm
Eileen, Margaret Cowlishaw, Noreen, Ruth, Norman, Karin, Paul, Laura, Leanne.         Tuesday: Reflection St Mary’s 7pm
                                                                                      Wednesday: Reflection St Lawrence 7pm
Marie, Janet.                                    St. John’s Church is part of the     Thursday: Passover St Barnabas 7pm
                                                 North Wingfield Team Ministry.       Good Friday: Reflection St John’s
 Next Sunday:                                    Parish Office: (01246) 852281        12 -2 pm
                                                 Administrator: Melanie Earland       Good Friday: St Lawrence 7pm
25 March 2018                                                                         Easter Saturday ‘The Shack’
Psalm 118: 1-2 & 19-29                           Visit us on the web at               with Fish & Chip supper 6 30pm
Mark 11: 1-11                          
MORNING WORSHIP                                                                       Please stay & have a cup of tea or coffee after the service.
                                                 If you require prayer
Leading: Marie                                   please contact:
Talk: Janet                                      Rev Marcia Bown
Reading: Colin & Nigel                           43, Rupert Street,
Prayers: Karin                                   Lower Pilsley, S45 8DB.
Welcoming: Noreen                                07796 673416


We do not take an offering in the services
but there is a plate at the back of the church.
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