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Prayer items:                                                                               St. John’s, Tupton Rev Marcia Bown

Please pray for: All those who are having to leave the place of their birth, their            WELCOME
homes, their families, everything they know and love.
                                                                                                 22 October 2017
Please pray for: all the aid agencies who work tirelessly to raise funds, for those who
work on the front line of peoples misery, for those who treat children and people who         MORNING WORSHIP
are ill with life threatening illnesses.
                                                                                              Please take the opportunity before the service to be still before God.
Please pray for: those in our own country who live in poverty, those who live under        To pray for those taking part in the service and for those sitting near you.
the threat of redundancy, eviction from their homes, those who live in fear of not be-
ing able to pay their bills and debts.                                                   Notices:

Please pray for: those who are persecuted for their faith.                                            Memorial Service

Please pray for: all those today who live in slavery of any kind.                                here at 4pm this afternoon

Please pray for Marie in her continuing training, for Janet in her reader ministry, for                  Filling shoe boxes: From 10.00am
Colin and Stella in their role as church wardens.                                                        this Tuesday 24 October. Please
                                                                                                         consider purchasing any of the
Please pray for Julie, Andrew, Logan and all their family as they mourn the death of                     following items: toothpaste, face cloths,
Ryan. Please pray for: Chris & Rachel as she waits for her operation, for Fred,
Noreen & family, for Stella and her recovery from her operation, Melanie, Linda, Ra-                       hats/scarves/gloves - all sizes. Small toys e.g.
chel & Phil, Colin, Sue’s brother & sister, Ruth, Dot, Shirley, Janet, Marie, Karin.                       balls, skipping ropes etc. Sweets (not chocolate)
                                                                                                           with a use by date after March 2018.
 Next Sunday:                                    St. John’s Church is part of the
29 October 2017                                  North Wingfield Team Ministry.             ADVENT CALENDARS
CAFÉ CHURCH (Bible Sunday)                       Parish Office: (01246) 852281                       £4.00 each
1 Thessalonians 2: 1-8                           Administrator: Melanie Earland
Matthew 22: 34-46                                                                        Order form on the table at the
                                                 Visit us on the web at                        back of the Church.
Leading: Marcia, Janet & Marie         
Talk: Marcia,                                                                            Please stay & have a cup of tea or coffee after the service.
                                                 If you require prayer
Reading: Bill & Janet                            please contact:
Prayers: Marie                                   Rev Marcia Bown
                                                 43, Rupert Street,
 Collection                                      Lower Pilsley, S45 8DB.
                                                 07796 673416
We do not take an offering in the services
but there is a plate at the back of the church.
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