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Prayer items:                                                                            Rev Marcia Bown St. John’s, Tupton

Please pray for : all those who work for a fairer world for all people.                 SunWdaEy L27CMOaMyE2018

All aid agencies as they strive to get aid to those who need it most.                    Sunday 24 June 2018
                                                                                             Holy Communion
Please pray for all refugees, those who are being separated from their families .
                                                                                               Please take the opportunity before the service to be still before God.
Please pray for all world leaders, those who make decisions that affect peoples lives.     To pray for those taking part in the service and for those sitting near you.

Please pray for all our parish councillors                                              Notices:

For both our community schools                                                          Please stay & have a cup of tea or coffee after the service.

For our local police officers

Please pray for:

Ruth, Dot, Beverly (Louisa’s daughter) Alan ( Eileen’s brother )

Sandra, Hannah, Noreen, Karin, Paul, Laura, Leanne, Stella, Linda, Rachel & Phil

Colin, Sue, Harry Turners family as they mourn his death, Melanie, Norman, Mervyn

Janet as she winds up her business , Marie

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                                                 North Wingfield Team Ministry.
1 July 2018                                      Parish Office: (01246) 852281
2 Corinthians 8: 7-15                            Administrator: Melanie Earland
Mark 5: 21 - 43
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Leading: Marcia
Talk: Marcia                                     If you require prayer
Reading: Sandra & Karin                          please contact:
Prayers: Marcia                                  Rev Marcia Bown
Welcoming: Caroline                              43, Rupert Street,
                                                 Lower Pilsley, S45 8DB.
 Collection                                      07796 673416

We do not take an offering in the services       From 1 July 2018 please
but there is a plate at the back of the church.  contact
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